Culture, Fundagelicalism

There is a Connection Between Christian Theology and Its Culture

Look at the picture below and then read what Ryan has posted quoting Spurgeon. This cartoon goes by the title, “Cleveland Moffat’s Ideal Church” and published in The King’s Business in 1919. You may find commentary on this cartoon in George M. Marden’s Fundamentalism and American Culture on page 157 of the 1980 edition.

Theology and culture seem to enjoy a symbiotic relationship. Altering one of this pair inevitably alters the other. This is a concept that is lost on current generations and one that was jettisoned very soon – if never fully accepted – by early fundamentalists. The likes of Billy Sunday and Aimee Semple McPherson are good examples of negative alterations. Others may be examples to a lesser degree. Today, within some of the most “conservative” ranks of fundamentalism, we have similar excesses in spectacle and we have those who wish to imbibe in the very activities their forefathers found to be an abomination.marsden.png

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