3 thoughts on “Saint Jerome (Hieronymus) in His Study

  1. I’ll see what I can do, but people might look at me a bit oddly when I inquire, “excuse me Miss, you wouldn’t happen to have a real human skull that can be gift wrapped for a friend, would you?”

    Of course, I suspect, your own desire to have a skull in your study reflects the same longing to be freed from the physical to experience the transcendent as Dürer uses this symbol to depict the same longing in St. Jerome.

    Or it could just be a weird fetish.

  2. I aint go no desires to escape away from no skulls or anything transcendent.

    Nowadays one can get an entirely fake skull that looks genuine from medical school supply places. They sell some more cheaply than others depending, I suppose, on what kind of person the skull was modeled on. I reckon I ought to give them a chance to copy my skull so they can rake in the cash.

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