An admirable model of teaching in A. H. Strong

The constructive mind is of a higher order than the destructive. The proclamation of positive truth wins converts where the denunciation of error attracts only transient attention. Wordsworth said well that ” we live by admiration, hope, and love.” I determined to mark out for myself a new course as a teacher. I set out to be a man of faith, to be a great believer, to hold the truth in love, and to make love my helper in all my intercourse with students. I was gifted with a fellow-feeling for the young. I put myself side by side with my scholars, assumed no dignity, insisted on no technical rights or prerogatives, made my instruction familiar and interesting, and, above all, infused it with all manner of practical religious suggestion and stimulus to faith and prayer. I have always rejoiced to teach theology because I could talk about everything in heaven and earth and under the earth and could make all things illustrate the greatness of Christ and the power of his gospel. I have made a pulpit out of a professor’s chair and have tried to be a pastor to my pupils.

— Augustus Hopkins Strong. Autobiography of Augustus Hopkins Strong, p. 221.

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