A third resurrection…moving on.

My blog has seen more resurrections than a bad zombie flick. This situation can mostly be credited to the imposition of major life events and enduring life issues. This happens with life. By now all my original followers and subscribers have moved onto more regular mental stimulation. Yet, I begin anew.

But I’m back in education again. After a couple years in sales – education and motorcycles – I’m back as a director of another university library. This time I serve as the Library Director of South University – Columbia. It specializes in providing degrees in health careers, business, technology, criminal justice, and psychology. Not bad work, if you can get it.

Furthermore, I’ve just registered for my first classes to complete a PhD in Higher Education Administration. I still continue as PhD ABD in Historical Theology. What becomes of that is anyone’s guess. I only know that I can’t make a living at it with my very narrow list of potential employers, my scarlet “D”, and the infinitesimally small number of jobs out there in that field.

Still, I press on…

Look for essays on this site discussing education, higher education, and society from the perspective of  an historically trained mind with a classical proclivity. I expect that I will be somewhat iconoclastic within the current discipline of the field of education. Like everything else, it is going to hell in a handbasket. We will see what can be done, if anything.

On that positive note, I press on.

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