The Appeal of Premillennialism

“Certainly the power of the premillennial vision cannot be doubted. Even though it was pessimistic about this world, its heightened supernaturalism produced a strong sense of hope and optimism anchored in the world to come. It taught people to deny this world and live in light of the world to come.”

-Walter Unger in “‘Ernestly Contending for the Faith’: The Role of the Niagara Bible Conference in the Emergence of American Fundamentalism,” p. 207


Haldeman on Doctrine

There are three important things every preacher should preach. The first thing is doctrine. The second thing is doctrine. The third and pre-eminent thing is doctrine. The church is starving to death for the want of it, the preachers are becoming emasculated apologists for lack of it, and the world, looking on, is laughing at a limp, genuflecting thing calling itself modern Christianity and for want of vertebrate strength, unable to stand alone.

– I. M. Haldeman in “Christianity”